Christopher Mathieu Dunham

Christopher Mathieu Dunham

(Deceased Founder Trustee)

New organ console. From successor company to original organ company.

For over a century, The Huntingdon Valley Cemetery and Chapel has stood at the intersection of Welsh Road and Washington Lane in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. For years it played an important part in the lives of many families, friends and community. Many of our relatives and friends have worshipped and been buried there.

Sadly, the Cemetery and Chapel were increasingly neglected for more than 20 years. Many gifts for their preservation seemed to disappear. The Cemetery and Chapel needed urgent, critical, significant, repair and restoration. Today, the Chapel, with a tiny congregation, is used sparingly for services. It had few resources remaining to care for repairing and sustaining the Chapel building and Cemetery. Chris Dunham helped lead a long effort to advance the cause of preservation of the Cemetery and restoration of the Chapel.

Chris worked hard in discussions with two Bishops, one Acting Bishop, two Chancellors, several Vestries and with rectors of St. John’s. This effort was supported by several families - families who have worshipped at the Chapel, families who have members, relatives, and friends buried there. Using the skills of Gilbert High, Jr., Esq. (his father managed the legal work to build St. John’s), HVCCC was finally incorporated, just as Christopher Mathieu Dunham died. HVCCC enabled many families to organize together to purchase, restore, repair and endow the Cemetery and Chapel. The funds given for repair since 2018 should assure the Cemetery and Chapel will be long protected from further neglect and deterioration.

Superb reconstruction work was organized by Trustee Richard Allman. Conducted by Anthony DeLaurentis from Terwood Road and the Dougherty Landscape Company. Now HVCCC is asking others to join HVCCC families in this work by contributing to a fund, whose income will be used to pay for annual maintenance of the Cemetery and Chapel building. The St. John’s Vestry sold its Church to St. Mary’s Malankara Orthodox Syrian Cathedral (for benefit of the St. John’s Vestry) in 2017. HVCCC legal work and costs made this possible.

The Huntingdon Valley Cemetery and Chapel Company, (HVCCC) is a Pennsylvania tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) company. It now owns the Cemetery grounds and the Chapel building. It owns the parking lot too. They are leased back to the Diocese for St. John’s use for 99 years – for it to re-build a congregation. HVCCC will pay for part of the Cemetery and Chapel annual maintenance and care. The Trustees listed and a few families have given some funds. HVCCC is now soliciting gifts to invest to produce annual income for this effort. Please join us in maintaining this important legacy.

Many original needle point kneelers and other items remain in the Chapel, some with names possibly forgotten. Most, however, are of many Chapel families, of revered neighbors and friends, still well remembered, of Chapel organists, worshipers who led fine companies, well respected doctors, lawyers and supporters of local charities and Abington Memorial Hospital. The history which follows, describes the origins, growth, membership and evolution of The Huntingdon Valley Cemetery and Chapel. Please join us in HVCCC’s sustaining the restoration of this important legacy.


Restored Alter railing kneelers

The Huntingdon Valley Cemetery and Chapel Company (HVCCC) is committed to preserving this historic Cemetery and it Chapel in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. This website was created to archive and provide historical information, as well as to collect donations for the preservation of the now-repaired Cemetery grounds, graves, and of the restored Chapel.

The Huntingdon Valley Cemetery and Chapel Company is committed to preserving this historic cemetery and its Chapel in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania